Associated Press/Photo by Sakchai Lalit

Thai students lead pro-democracy protests

International | The demonstrations push for unprecedented reforms in the monarchy
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 8/21/20, 05:19 pm

Students in Thailand lifted three fingers in a Hunger Games–style salute as they sang the Thai national anthem during morning assembly at several high schools this week. Others donned white ribbons to show solidarity with growing protests against the monarchy and the military-led Thai administration.

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Associated Press/Photo by Sergei Grits

“Europe’s last dictator” holds on, for now

International | Lukashenko’s challenger leaves Belarus, but protests against Sunday’s disputed election continue
by Julia A. Seymour
Posted 8/14/20, 01:32 pm

Streets in the capital city of Minsk and other cities in Belarus looked like war zones this week, with armored cars and security forces patrolling. Before and during Sunday’s disputed presidential election, riot police in ski masks and black clothing snatched journalists and civilians and took them away in unmarked vans.

After ruling Belarus with an iron fist for 26 years, President Alexander Lukashenko’s grasp is slipping, despite winning reelection and his unlikely challenger, a young homemaker and former school teacher, fleeing the country.

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VERNON YUEN/AFP via Getty Images

Hong Kong pro-democracy media tycoon arrested

Asia | In a blow to the city’s press freedom, police arrest Apple Daily publisher Jimmy Lai and raid his newspaper office
by June Cheng
Posted 8/12/20, 05:39 pm

Two hundred police officers in face masks barged into Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newsroom Monday, hours after police arrested the pro-democracy newspaper’s publisher, Jimmy Lai, on charges of “colluding with foreign forces” under the new national security law. The arrest and raid make up the highest-profile attack on the free press in Hong Kong since the law went into effect on June 30. 

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