Andrew Brunson

Bernard Lewis, shaper of U.S. stance on Middle East, dies

International | Plus a wedding, an election, a trial, and more international news and notes
by Mindy Belz
Posted 5/21/18, 02:38 pm

MAN KNOWS NOT HIS TIME: Bernard Lewis, perhaps the preeminent scholar of the Middle East, has died just two weeks shy of his 102nd birthday.

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Prisoner of a lawless regime

Turkey | Andrew Brunson’s family and supporters work and pray for the release of the man they know to be innocent
by Mindy Belz
Posted 5/18/18, 10:20 am

Two a.m. is a normal time for monks to pray, not so much for modern postulants. But about two dozen men and women and a few college students gathered at that hour in the sanctuary of Christ Community Church, which meets in a stone chapel on the campus of Montreat College in North Carolina. Their heads bowed, a soft circle of light spilled over the group near the altar in the otherwise dark church. 

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A political grid

Government | Try this helpful way of evaluating politicians and nations
by Joel Belz
Posted 5/10/18, 01:32 pm

The dawn of yet another political season can no longer be denied. When you hear Nancy Pelosi boast that she’s already decided on the people she expects to appoint as the new leaders of Congress next January, you know we’re back in the political thicket again.

So as you restart the process of sizing up, evaluating, and then backing candidates for office—whether local, regional, or national—let me suggest an admittedly oversimplistic grid. Keep in mind that virtually everyone running for office fits somewhere on this spectrum, which I first proposed in this column 25 years ago:

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