Associated Press/Photo by Khalil Hamra

Christians fear ISIS fighters in Gaza

International | Clashes persist between Palestinians and Israeli Defense Forces
by Mindy Belz
Posted 4/11/18, 04:58 pm

GAZA: Amid ongoing clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters, reports that Islamic State (ISIS) militants have entered Gaza through Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula have created fear among local Christians. About 1,000 remain in the Hamas-ruled enclave, down from an estimated 4,500 Christians living there six years ago.

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Associated Press/Photo by Anis Belghoul

Algerian plane crash kills 257 people

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 4/11/18, 12:00 pm

An Algerian military plane crashed shortly after takeoff in northern Algeria on Wednesday, killing everyone on board, including soldiers and their families. Algeria’s Defense Ministry said 247 passengers and 10 crew members boarded the plane. Authorities transported the bodies of the victims to the Algerian army’s central hospital in Ain Naadja for identification. Farouk Achour, chief spokesman of the civil protection services, said the flight had just departed Boufarik Air Base, about 20 miles southwest of the capital city of Algiers.

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Associated Press/Photo by Adel Hana

Clashes persist along Gaza border

International | Both Israelis and Palestinians unwilling to de-escalate rising tension
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 4/10/18, 03:59 pm

At least nine Palestinians died Friday as they clashed with Israeli forces during ongoing protests along the Gaza border.

Since the border protests began on March 30, at least 29 people have died and hundreds of others sustained injuries as Israeli troops responded with force. Both parties remain unwilling to step back, igniting concerns of further violence.

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