Getty Images/Photo by Omar Haj Kadour/AFP

U.S. targets al-Qaeda fighters in Syria

by Kent Covington
Posted 7/02/19, 10:14 am

For the first time in two years, U.S. warplanes have killed al-Qaeda fighters in northwestern Syria. U.S. Central Command said Monday that it hit an al-Qaeda training facility near Aleppo. The airstrike killed eight fighters associated with al-Qaeda, including six commanders, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition-linked war monitoring group.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ariel Schalit

Hamas strikes

International | Plus, other Notre Dame fires and it’s a boy for the royals
by Mindy Belz
Posted 5/06/19, 05:52 pm

ISRAEL: Israel’s military is investigating why Route 34 north of Gaza and near an Israeli kibbutz was left open after 68-year-old Moshe Feder was killed driving along the road, one of four Israeli civilians killed in a barrage of missiles launched from Gaza over the weekend.

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Associated Press/Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets

Turkey builds border wall inside Syria

International | Meanwhile, the Assad regime escalates fighting in Idlib
by Mindy Belz
Posted 5/03/19, 03:10 pm

SYRIA: The Assad regime with Russian air cover has carried out attacks on what was a demilitarized zone. In what’s become a familiar pattern, the Syrian army escalated attacks to defeat al-Qaeda-linked militant groups controlling Idlib, killing an estimated 50 civilians over the last two weeks and forcing thousands to flee. Kurdish forces in the northeast report that those al-Qaeda affiliates from Idlib are moving into Afrin—an area taken by Turkey last year.

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