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Amy Coney Barrett could reshape the Supreme Court

Supreme Court | Pro-lifers, conservatives praise Trump’s third SCOTUS pick
by Harvest Prude
Posted 9/26/20, 05:57 pm

Former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last week of metastatic pancreatic cancer, became a cultural icon for the left: Her “notorious RBG” nickname and an image of her wearing a gold crown adorned canvas bags, T-shirts, and coffee mugs. 

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Alex Edelman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Prosecutor and persecutor

Election | Kamala Harris has a complicated record, but her zeal to support abortion and attack its opponents has been consistent
by Jamie Dean
Posted 9/24/20, 03:45 pm

Political consultant Ace Smith kept an amusing souvenir from his time working on Kamala Harris’ campaign for attorney general of California. A framed copy of a San Francisco Chronicle headline hung in his office: “Cooley beats Harris to win attorney general race.” The website clipping was amusing because it proved untrue.

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Glimpses of abortion’s divides

Documentary | Divided Hearts of America peers into America’s abortion debate
by Leah Hickman
Posted 9/24/20, 03:01 pm

When is a person a person? Who determines a child’s quality of life? What happens in an abortion procedure? 

Former NFL athlete and current father of seven Benjamin Watson started asking these questions of prominent thinkers last year. Filming for his documentary Divided Hearts of America began in 2019. Even with race issues and social justice taking center stage in 2020, Watson says abortion is the “core issue” at the center of all others. 

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