Associated Press/Photo by Peter Morrison

Ireland votes to end protections for unborn babies

by Leigh Jones
Posted 5/26/18, 08:51 am

A leading Irish pro-life group admitted defeat Saturday in its effort to keep the country’s protections for unborn children. Two exit polls taken Friday indicate about 70 percent of voters opted to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the country’s constitution, which granted unborn babies the same legal rights as their mothers. The law effectively prevented all abortions except when the mother’s life was in danger.

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Associated Press/Photo by Niall Carson/PA

Irish voters head to the polls in abortion referendum

by Leigh Jones
Posted 5/25/18, 11:22 am

Irish voters are heading to the polls Friday in a historic referendum to determine whether the country keeps some of Europe’s strongest protections for unborn children. Ireland’s Eighth Amendment, adopted in 1983, makes a mother and her unborn baby equal under the law, effectively restricting abortion except in cases where the mother’s life is at risk. If voters decide to repeal the amendment, lawmakers will consider new laws legalizing abortion.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jacquelyn Martin

Vote killing farm bill had nothing to do with food

Politics | Conservative Republicans torpedo legislation to protest inaction on immigration
by Laura Finch
Posted 5/24/18, 03:16 pm

Republicans killed a GOP-backed farm bill last week, a political move described as “pretty dramatic,” even by today’s divisive standards. But the disgruntled Republicans who brought down the 2018 Farm Bill weren’t worried about milk prices or work requirements—they were trying to take a stand on immigration and may get their wish next month.

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