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Suspicious activity

Abortion | Louisiana abortion center refuses to cooperate with state investigators
by Mary Jackson
Posted 12/02/19, 04:22 pm

The Louisiana Department of Justice said the abortion facility at the center of an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case has attempted to hide evidence of potential criminal activity. But a federal appeals court upheld a gag order that prevents law enforcement, the high court, and the public from learning the details of the alleged crimes.

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Defunding Planned Parenthood was the easy part

Abortion | The state of Texas and a pro-life group argue over accountability for family planning funds
by Mary Jackson
Posted 11/25/19, 04:46 pm

Texas investigators said a pro-life organization must repay $1.6 million in state funding for “serious contractural violations.” But the group’s founder said the report contains numerous errors and called the state’s actions a “smear campaign” intended to undercut services to low-income women.

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Fearsome fundamentals

Politics | Democrats are drawing a pro-abortion line in the sand
by Anne K. Walters & Lynde Langdon
Posted 11/21/19, 05:39 pm

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a top candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, declared that her party stands for abortion in Wednesday’s primary debate. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow asked Warren about Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a fellow Democrat who signed a bill protecting unborn babies from abortion in his state after they have a detectable heartbeat, and whether there was room in the party for a someone like him.

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