Associated Press/Photo by Bebeto Matthews

Free, but not for all

Education | Recent studies of tuition-free college programs show they don’t help the neediest students
by Leigh Jones
Posted 12/12/18, 05:36 pm

Voters in Seattle approved a tax increase in November to fund education initiatives, including a program making two years of community college free for all high school graduates.

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Long before the ABCs and 123s

Education | State leaders find common ground in support for early childhood education
by Leigh Jones
Posted 12/05/18, 05:38 pm

Almost nothing about the 2018 midterm elections indicated U.S. politicians find much to agree on. But at the state level, at least one issue came up again and again in stump speeches and TV ads: early childhood education.

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Associated Press/Photo by Matt Rourke (file)

Title IX sex assault rules officially changed

Education | Opponents decry the policy, but the Department of Education says it is fairer than before
by Leigh Jones
Posted 11/28/18, 03:48 pm

The U.S. Department of Education released its official rewrite of Title IX regulations just before Thanksgiving, serving up plenty for victims’ rights advocates to chew on. The holiday leftovers might be long gone, but DeVos-induced heartburn rages on.

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