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Critics blast Texas governor’s school safety plan

Education | Gun control advocates say nothing but limiting firearms will stop student killers
by Anna Johansen
Posted 6/06/18, 01:54 pm

Texas schools could send teachers to gun training courses as soon as this summer under a school safety plan Gov. Greg Abbott introduced last week. Abbott made the recommendations in response to the May 18 school shooting at Santa Fe High School, just south of Houston.

Some of the ideas detailed in the 43-page report require changes to state laws and would necessitate a special session of the Texas legislature, but schools can implement some proposed measures immediately.

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Arizona mulls putting evolution in its place

Education | Proposed changes to the state’s science standards would describe evolution as a theory, not settled science
by Leigh Jones
Posted 5/30/18, 01:37 pm

Evolutionists in Arizona are fighting for their survival after the state’s top education official suggested students should be taught the reality many scientists already acknowledge: Evolution is a theory, not settled science.

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Associated Press/Photo by Stuart Villanueva/The Galveston County Daily News

‘Hearts without God’

Education | Texas lawmakers search for a policy solution to a spiritual problem after the latest school shooting
by Leigh Jones
Posted 5/23/18, 03:51 pm

HOUSTON—The media swarm that surrounded Santa Fe High School after Friday’s mass shooting has mostly dissipated. Cars and trucks once again speed past the campus on Highway 6, a two-lane divided road flanked by open pastures, ramshackle antique shops, and burger joints. A memorial of 10 white crosses surrounded by now-wilted flowers and stuffed animals offers the only visible reminder of the horror that unfolded at the school just five days ago.

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