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Big change in the Big Easy

Education | Survey of New Orleans charter school graduates shows big gains in educational achievement
by Leigh Jones
Posted 8/15/18, 05:13 pm

New Orleans became the biggest charter school experiment in the country in 2005, after Hurricane Katrina washed out the city’s traditional public school system. Rather than rebuild a district already plagued with underperforming schools, state lawmakers turned over almost every campus to non-profit charter school groups. Governed by local boards, each school had the autonomy to adopt a unique curriculum, emphasis, and education strategy. Parents had the freedom to choose the school that best fit their children’s needs.

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Training Americans to work

Education | Trump touts a technical education funding bill amid push for apprenticeships and vocational courses
by Leigh Jones
Posted 8/08/18, 03:01 pm

David Thompson ran track in high school, and that athletic talent might have paved a path to college. But an injury his senior year created what he described as “a new opportunity.” Four years after his graduation in 2014, Thompson returned last week to his alma mater, Tampa Bay Tech in Tampa Fla., to describe what happened after that injury forced him to “fall back” on vocational training.

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Capitalizing on classical education

Education | Growth in the classical model has created the need for a new set of educational support structures—including standardized tests
by Leigh Jones
Posted 8/01/18, 05:50 pm

The Association of Classical Christian Schools has seen a 20 percent increase over four years in the number of campuses using a classical curriculum. During the last 10 years, the number of students attending ACCS member schools has grown 30 percent. Homeschoolers have also flocked to the classical movement, as have university-model Christian schools. And big charter networks, like Arizona-based Great Hearts, are even bringing classical education to the secular public school environment.

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