Saturday Series

Death’s lessons on life

Books | Seeking wisdom instead of escapism at funerals
by David Gibson
Posted 4/07/18, 12:19 pm

David Gibson’s Living Life Backward: How Ecclesiastes Teaches Us to Live in Light of the End—WORLD’s 2017 Book of the Year in the Accessible Theology category—reminds us how we should act at funerals. Instead of racing away to resume our normal activities, we should linger, realize it will all too soon be our turn, and ask ourselves, “What will my life have been worth?” This excerpt, courtesy of Crossway, points out the difference between wisdom and escapism.

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Crossway/Micah Lanier

Gaining by losing

Books | Creature comforts and coolness are nothing compared to our new life in Christ
by Brett McCracken
Posted 3/31/18, 08:50 am

Brett McCracken begins Uncomfortable with a hilarious send-up of many millennials’ dream church: architecturally contemporary and environmentally sustainable, organic garden, concert venue, fully equipped fitness center with CrossFit and personal training, and so forth.

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A chapter a day to counter theistic evolution

Books | Demonstrating why Christians cannot worship both God and current scientific dogma
by Stephen C. Meyer
Posted 3/24/18, 12:13 pm

Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique is a 962-page destruction of the well-funded BioLogos campaign to sell macroevolution to Christians. Thoughtful chapters by scholars and scientists show that neo-Darwinism fails scientifically, with neither the fossil record nor genetics undermining the first two chapters of Genesis. Transitional ape-to-human fossils remain conspicuous by their absence, and humans and chimpanzees are not similar at the genetic level. We cannot worship both God and current science dogma.

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