Saturday Series
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Annexing Austria over lunch

Books | An example of Nazi Germany’s deceptive diplomacy in the late 1930s
by Éric Vuillard
Posted 10/26/19, 08:32 am

Translated from the French, The Order of the Day is a beautifully written short book about an ugly incident, Nazi Germany’s annexation of Austria.

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Illustration by Gerald L. Holmes

The fallen state of Texas

Books | Cowboy tales of creation and devilish dealings
by John R. Erickson
Posted 10/19/19, 10:08 am

John Erickson doesn’t write parables, but some of his stories about the cowboy life he once lived would work well in church. The Bible refers to us as sheep, sometimes without a shepherd, but we also act like cattle and anger the Owner of the ranch. In 1982, Erickson, the author of the popular Hank the Cowdog series of books, published a bunch of these stories in The Devil in Texas and Other Cowboy Tales.

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Pulling back the curtain on conferences

Books | The motivations and machinations of the gatherings of scientists
by Jeremy J. Baumberg
Posted 10/12/19, 11:41 am

Before I made the good decision to give up tenure I went to academic conferences in history, journalism, and sociology that were both fluffy and petty. I thought conferences of biologists, chemists, and physicists—folks dealing with hard realities—must be much better. Not so, according to University of Cambridge scientist Jeremy J. Baumberg.

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