Saturday Series
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Hillbillies like me

Books | A look at life in the Rust Belt, where poverty has become a family tradition. An excerpt from Hillbilly Elegy
by J.D. Vance
Posted 9/16/17, 12:34 pm

J.D. Vance’s engrossing memoir/popular sociology, Hillbilly Elegy, offers an insider’s view into Appalachian communities struggling with factory and mine closures, unemployment, addiction, ­family breakdown, and premature death. The book, which was named WORLD’s 2016 Book of the Year in the Understanding America category, tells how Vance’s grandparents and the military saved him from the destructive path of many relatives and friends.

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Freaking out Darwin

Books | How the co-discoverer of natural selection later ‘disassembled and demolished’ the theory of evolution
by Tom Wolfe
Posted 9/09/17, 01:38 pm

In The Kingdom of Speech—a runner-up for WORLD’s 2016 Book of the Year in the Science, Math, and Worldviews category—Tom Wolfe has fun with Darwinism and then linguistic theory.

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A view from the editor’s chair

Media | How WORLD Magazine organizes the stories it publishes
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 9/02/17, 12:27 pm

WORLD Magazine readers sometimes wonder why we organize stories the way we do. Here’s a view from the editor’s chair.

First, a quick look back. U.S. newspapers in the 20th century had a simple formula: Reporters should answer six questions, 5 W’s and an H—who, what, when, where, why, and how—as close as possible to the beginning of the article.

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