Saturday Series
Associated Press/Photo by Charles Tasnadi

Your money or your life?

Books | How post-Reagan Republicans suffer from an ‘empathy gap’
by Henry Olsen
Posted 8/11/18, 10:19 am

Henry Olsen now writes about politics for WORLD Magazine, but his latest book made our 2017 Book of the Year short list in the Understanding America category before he became our correspondent.

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Illustration by Krieg Barrie

Summing up with some sums

Essay | You can count on numbers to tell the stories of our lives
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 8/04/18, 10:46 am

Several readers recently asked when more installments in my autobiographical series would come, since it’s two years and seven months since the last one. Episode 16 took us to 2011, when I left The King’s College, New York City. Episodes 17–19, instead of carrying the tale forward, told stories about my ancestors and baseball. Have I run out of steam?

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Martin Luther’s rediscovery

Books | How the Reformer recovered and proclaimed the good news of God’s mercy
by Eric Metaxas
Posted 7/28/18, 11:24 am

In the introduction to my interview with Eric Metaxas in the current issue of WORLD Magazine, I wrote that he defies my usual classification of people into either talkers or writers, because he is both—and so was Martin Luther, the latest subject for a Metaxas biography. Luther did not have his own talk show, but his dinner table was a talk show that, edited into Table Talk, is now freely available online.

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