Saturday Series

Learning from our bodies

Books | What does it mean to bear the image of God?
by Paul Brand & Philip Yancey
Posted 11/28/20, 07:24 am

Three decades ago wordsmith Philip Yancey turned theological reflections by Dr. Paul Brand, an innovator in treating leprosy, into two short books. Last year, InterVarsity Press combined the two into one book, Fearfully and Wonderfully. Brand brilliantly describes how human traits decried by evolutionists—why does God have us feel so much pain?—are actually lifesavers. Here’s part of Chapter 1, courtesy of InterVarsity Press and Hodder & Stoughton.

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Going home again ... and again

Science | Some things about animals are just a bit beyond science
by John R. Erickson
Posted 11/17/20, 12:17 pm

A few years ago, John R. Erickson shared some tales of puzzling behaviors he has observed in animals over his years as a rancher. He noted that British scientist Rupert Sheldrake, in his book Dogs that Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals, combined stories from many animal owners suggesting that there’s still much we don’t understand about the creatures who live alongside us—be they domestic or wild.

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Thinking critically about a Christian founding

Books | How religious liberty benefits everyone—not just Christians
by Mark David Hall
Posted 11/09/20, 02:13 pm

Some evangelicals go with David Barton’s contention that America’s 18th-century founders wanted an explicitly Christian nation. Others seize on Mark Noll’s skepticism. Mark David Hall’s Did America Have a Christian Founding? is in the middle: Hall views many founders as Christian and others not, but the Constitution and other early documents certainly emerged from a Biblical worldview. Here’s an excerpt that summarizes Hall’s perspective, courtesy of Thomas Nelson.

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