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Washington state erases parents from the equation

Family | State lawmakers propose school-based healthcare for teens
by Mary Jackson
Posted 11/13/20, 01:26 pm

Since January, children in Washington state ages 13 and up can obtain confidential treatment for mental health conditions and gender dysphoria using their parent’s insurance plan—without their parents’ consent.

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The hypothetical Biden administration

Politics | What could happen in the first 100 days
by Harvest Prude
Posted 11/12/20, 05:55 pm

When Franklin D. Roosevelt assumed the presidency in 1933, he worked fast, and he went big. Within the first 100 days, he passed 15 New Deal programs to try to alleviate the Great Depression. Since his example, the first 100 days of a presidency has measured a new president’s early effectiveness.

“FDR had a rare historical moment and sweeping congressional victories to help him accomplish so much,” said Amy Black, a political science professor at Wheaton College. “Biden will not have a sweeping mandate and may not have a Democratic Senate to help him.”

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Trump presses election case in court

Politics | The president takes myriad voting concerns before judges
by Kyle Ziemnick
Posted 11/12/20, 05:44 pm

President Donald Trump’s claims of systematic voter fraud and tens of thousands of ineligible ballots have yet to lead to changes that could affect the outcome of the election. But a few cases still up in the air could get minor results, as well as serve as a crucial test of the trustworthiness of the American electoral process.

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