A fresh idea for families

Family | Proposal would let parents delay Social Security benefits in exchange for paid leave
by Laura Finch
Posted 7/20/18, 03:30 pm

A conservative group is proposing a budget-neutral option for providing paid leave for young parents.

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The loneliness trap

Relationships | Pornography use brings down the well-being of young Americans
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 7/13/18, 04:08 pm

Adults ages 18 to 22 are the loneliest people in the United States today, according to a study released earlier this summer.

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Associated Press/Photo by Elaine Thompson

Extreme makeover

Transgenderism | Starbucks covers cosmetic surgery for transgender employees
by Harvest Prude
Posted 7/06/18, 03:23 pm

Starbucks recently expanded its benefits to cover additional procedures for transgender employees, including cosmetic changes, the company announced late last month.

The company has covered sex change surgery since 2012 and will now include breast augmentation or reduction, hair transplants, facial feminization, and electrolysis.

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