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The World and Everything in It

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It’s like NPR from a Christian worldview is a common listener description of our daily news podcast The World and Everything in It. Psalm 89:11 inspires our program title: “The heavens are Yours; the earth also is Yours; the world and all that is in it, You have founded them.” It says something about the breadth of news coverage on the program, but also its depth — with biblically objective journalism at its core. Each day’s half hour starts with a fast-paced news summary, followed by longer stories, interviews, and reports from WORLD journalists, as well as thoughtful commentary and original feature journalism reported from the field. Hosted by Mary Reichard and Nick Eicher, The World and Everything in It will enhance your morning commute or any part of your daily routine.

Culture Friday, and Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

John Stonestreet discusses the limits of religious freedom and the sanctity of human life, and Megan Basham reviews a film that's a new take on a Broadway classic. Plus: George Grant explains an important Greek word.

Ohios crackdown on payday lending, and Russias crackdown on evangelism

Maria Baer reports on Ohio's attempt to reform the payday loan industry, Anna Johansen provides an update on Brexit, and Paul Butler reports on how ministries in Russia are working around the country's anti-evangelism law. Plus: a preview of this weekend's Listening In.

Washington Wednesday, and how the brain works

Nick Eicher talks with financial adviser David Bahnsen about the current state of the China-U.S. trade war, and Susan Olasky reports about her role in a brain study. Plus: Commentary from WORLD founder Joel Belz.

Paid family leave, and nursing home recitals

Laura Finch explains new legislation that would require companies to provide paid family leave, Sarah Schweinsberg reports on the economic success of African-American men, and Kim Henderson reports on a typical recital in a not-so-typical place.

Legal Docket, and History Book

Mary Reichard covers religious liberty battles in the lower courts, Nick Eicher reviews the latest economic news, and Paul Butler highlights key dates in history. Plus: Mary Coleman on Christian compassion.

Culture Friday, and Megan's Movie Night

John Stonestreet discusses President Trump's Supreme Court pick and developing genocide in Nigeria, and Megan Basham introduces a popular Swedish film coming to the U.S. Plus: 'God Bless America' turns 100.

Smart international travel, and the Olasky Interview

Mindy Belz discusses summer travel abroad, and Leigh Jones covers a proposal to merge the Labor and Education departments. Plus: Marvin Olasky interviews author Min Jin Lee.

Knowing Brett Kavanaugh, and What Do People Do All Day?

Mary Reichard and Emily Belz discuss Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's judicial record, and Myrna Brown reports from a Georgia summer camp. Plus: Commentary from Janie B. Cheaney.

Abolishing ICE, facial recognition and a new nominee for the Supreme Court

President Trump's zero-tolerance border policy results in calls to shut down ICE, new facial recognition software helps in law enforcement and commentary about dignity, respect and donuts.

Legal Docket, and the History Book

Mary Reichard covers a court case involving sidewalk counselors outside a busy abortion center in New York state, and Nick Eicher reports on a strong jobs report for June. Plus: Paul Butler marks important dates from this week in history.

Culture Friday, and Ant Man and the Wasp

John Stonestreet discusses the strength of the pro-life movement and the possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade with a new Supreme Court justice, and Megan Basham reviews the latest Avengers film. Plus: Ask the Editor with Marvin Olasky.

Keeping Americans fed, and Dallas race relations

Laura Finch and Mary Reichard discuss congressional wrangling over the farm bill, and Kristen Flavin reports on how the Republican tax law is hitting churches. Plus: Katie Gaultney profiles a woman trying to bring racial harmony to Dallas.

Washington Wednesday, and honoring Vietnam veterans

J.C. Derrick and Nick Eicher discuss President Trump's potential Supreme Court nominees, and Kim Henderson visits with Vietnam veterans about a belated efforts to recognize the Americans who served in the war.

Teachers unions and school choice, and the Classic Book of the Month

Leigh Jones and Mary Reichard talk about a Supreme Court ruling that dealt a big blow to teachers unions, and Sarah Schweinsberg reports on tumult with House Democrats after an insurgent candidate unseated the No. 4 Democrat. Plus: Emily Whitten recommends a Charles Dickens book for July.

Legal Docket, and the Monday Moneybeat

Mary Reichard explains two opposing, prayer-related rulings the Supreme Court left in place, and Nick Eicher reports on state legislators discussing ways not to spend internet sales tax money. Plus: Paul Butler highlights notable dates from this week in history.

Culture Friday, and Little House on the Prairie

John Stonestreet discusses Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement, and Megan Basham recommends Little House on the Prairie in light of recent controversy about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Plus: your listener feedback.

Anthony Kennedy's retirement, and artificial debating techniques

Mary Reichard reports on a new Supreme Court vacancy, Albert Reyes of Buckner International discusses keeping families together in Central America, and Sarah Schweinsberg reports on detention alternatives. Plus: Michael Cochrane talks about computers that can debate.

Washington Wednesday, and Living History

Nick Eicher talks with Sarah Pierce of the Migration Policy Institute about issues at the border, and Mary Reichard explains two big Supreme Court decisions. Plus: Laura Finch reports from West Chicago about a woman living in the past.

Harvard discrimination, and What Do People Do All Day?

Leigh Jones discusses the Harvard admissions policies that Asian students feel are discriminatory, Mary Reichard explains another Supreme Court decision, and Sarah Schweinsberg reports on legal advancement for polyamorous parenting. Plus: Jenny Lind Schmitt visits an entrepreneur in the northwest.

Legal Docket, and the History Book

Mary Reichard explains all 14 Supreme Court decisions from this past week, and Nick Eicher reports on developments in the U.S. trade war. Plus: Paul Butler highlights notable dates from this week in history.