The World And Everything In It

The World and Everything in It

It’s like NPR from a Christian worldview is a common listener description of our daily news podcast The World and Everything in It. Psalm 89:11 inspires our program title: “The heavens are Yours; the earth also is Yours; the world and all that is in it, You have founded them.” It says something about the breadth of news coverage on the program, but also its depth — with biblically objective journalism at its core. Each day’s half hour starts with a fast-paced news summary, followed by longer stories, interviews, and reports from WORLD journalists, as well as thoughtful commentary and original feature journalism reported from the field. Hosted by Mary Reichard and Nick Eicher, The World and Everything in It will enhance your morning commute or any part of your daily routine.

Legal Docket, and the History Book

Mary Reichard analyzes a Supreme Court case that could change the cost of online purchases, and Nick Eicher reports on the state of the economy. Plus: Paul Butler on this week in history.

Culture Friday, and A Space Odyssey anniversary

John Stonestreet provides advice for Christian higher education on Culture Friday, Laura Finch discusses a meeting of evangelical leaders at Wheaton College, and Megan Basham reviews 2001: A Space Odyssey on its 50th anniversary. Plus: George Grant with Word Play.

Online opioid sales, and the bananas of Madeira

Jim Henry reports on crypto criminals selling deadly illegal drugs on the dark web, Marvin Olasky discusses reforms to the welfare system, and Mary Reichard the story of a military man punished for his religious beliefs. Plus: Susan Olasky visits a banana farm in Portugal.

Washington Wednesday, and Chinese immersion schools

Kent Covington talks with retired Army Colonel Steve Bucci about airstrikes in Syria, and Sarah Schweinsberg visits a Chinese immersion school in Idaho. Plus: remembering Barbara Bush.

Diversity in Christian higher education, and spring in Spain

Leigh Jones discusses a new scholarship initiative to diversify Christian colleges and seminaries, Sarah Schweinsberg covers the nation-wide push for so-called conversion therapy bans, and Michael Cochrane on new baseball technology. Plus: Susan Olasky reports from Valencia, Spain, on the city's springtime celebration.

Legal Docket, and the History Book

Mary Reichard discusses what lower courts are supposed to do with fractured Supreme Court rulings, and Nick Eicher reports on the economy and earnings season. Plus: Paul Butler on notable events from this week in history.

Culture Friday, and a look back at Fixer Upper

John Stonestreet discusses the condition of free speech in the United States, and Megan Basham evaluates the impact of HGTV's No. 1 show of all time. Plus: Susan Olasky reports from Puerto Rico about a cat problem in San Juan.

Striking teachers, and free-range parenting

Jim Henry reports on the growing number of teacher protests around the country, and WORLD Magazine's Jamie Dean discusses declining international adoptions. Plus: Sarah Schweinsberg reports on a throwback parenting style.

Washington Wednesday, and addressing the overdose crisis

Kent Covington discusses border security with former U.S. Border Patrol agent Victor Manjarrez, and J.C. Derrick profiles a Virginia sheriff who is fighting the opioid epidemic by breaking rules.

Immigration court changes, and protests in Puerto Rico

Mary Reichard talks with immigration attorney Jacob Monty about a new immigration standard for judges, Sarah Schweinsberg reports on new human trafficking legislation, and Marvin Olasky discusses hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Plus: Susan Olasky covers teacher fears for Puerto Rico's future.

Legal Docket, and the Monday Moneybeat

Mary Reichard analyzes a Supreme Court case weighing the recurring problem of gerrymandered political districts, and Nick Eicher reports on the job market. Plus: Paul Butler highlights notable events from this week in history.

Culture Friday, and Roseannes reboot

John Stonestreet joins Nick Eicher for Culture Friday to discuss lessons from Martin Luther King Jr., and Megan Basham reviews the Roseanne reboot on ABC. Plus: Ask the Editor with Marvin Olasky.

Rebuilding Iraq, and discovering eating disorders

Mindy Belz discusses Iraqi Christians returning to their homes and their rebuilding efforts, and Jim Henry covers the growing homelessness epidemic in Colorado. Plus: Laura Finch reports on where to find the earliest signs of an eating disorder.

Washington Wednesday, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and legacy

Kent Covington talks with Elliott Abrams about turnover in the Trump administration, and Paul Butler highlights the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Plus: Former Senator Robert F. Kennedy speech after King's assassination.

Classic Book of the Month, and the value of Christian higher education

Emily Whitten recommends "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor this month, and Emily Belz reports on declining crime in Camden, New Jersey. Plus: Sarah Schweinsberg reports on the economic impact of Christian colleges and universities.

Legal Docket, and the History Book

Mary Reichard explains a Supreme Court case between an American Indian tribe and private landowners, and Nick Eicher reports on the economy and the job market. Plus: Paul Butler on the 35th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Challenger space shuttle.

Culture Friday, and Ready Player One

John Stonestreet joins Nick Eicher to talk about political exhaustion, and Megan Basham reviews a new film with a plot that hinges on 1980s nostalgia. Plus: Kristen Flavin visits the Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia.

Syrian refugees in Turkey, and a Royal stand against pornography

Mindy Belz discusses the plight of Syrian refugees stuck in Turkey, Jim Henry reports on the controversy surrounding the 2020 census, and Sarah Schweinsberg reports on the Kansas City Royals' seminar on the dangers of pornography. Plus: Michael Cochrane explains how computers may soon heat houses.

Washington Wednesday, and What Do People Do All Day?

Kent Covington talks with Republican political strategist Matt Mackowiak about the winners and losers of the government spending bill, and Susan Olasky visits a furniture-maker in Cedar Park, Texas.

Yemen's humanitarian crisis, and the Olasky Interview

Sarah Schweinsberg reports about U.S. lawmakers questioning the country's involvement in Yemen, and Emily Belz discusses funding strategies to combat the opioid crisis. Plus: Marvin Olasky interviews geopolitical expert George Friedman.

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