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The World and Everything in It

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It’s like NPR from a Christian worldview is a common listener description of our daily news podcast The World and Everything in It. Psalm 89:11 inspires our program title: “The heavens are Yours; the earth also is Yours; the world and all that is in it, You have founded them.” It says something about the breadth of news coverage on the program, but also its depth — with biblically objective journalism at its core. Each day’s half hour starts with a fast-paced news summary, followed by longer stories, interviews, and reports from WORLD journalists, as well as thoughtful commentary and original feature journalism reported from the field. Hosted by Mary Reichard and Nick Eicher, The World and Everything in It will enhance your morning commute or any part of your daily routine.

Legal Docket, and the Monday Moneybeat

Mary Reichard discusses the Equal Rights Amendment in the wake of the #MeToo movement, and Nick Eicher reports on an idea aimed at pushing big companies to think longer-term. Plus: Paul Butler covers notable events from this week in history.

Culture Friday, and Alpha

John Stonestreet discusses the new lawsuit filed against Masterpiece Cakeshop, Megan Basham reviews the latest movie about man's best friend, and Kristen Flavin reports on the passing of the Queen of Soul. Plus: Maria Baer pays a visit to the Fountain of Youth.

Willow Creek turmoil and a notable speech

Paul Butler reports about how a mega-church in Chicago is struggling through more accusations against its founding pastor, and Sarah Schweinsberg covers the decline in white collar crime prosecutions. Plus: Oklahoma Congressman Steve Russell on what the founders intended for immigration.

Washington Wednesday, and Denver marijuana Millennials

Mindy Belz discusses the Trump administration's decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran, and Sarah Schweinsberg reports on how young professionals are responding to marijuana in Denver. Plus: commentary from Joel Belz.

Violence in Chicago, and the Olasky Interview

Anna Johansen discusses efforts in Chicago to address continuing violence, and Brigitte Sylvestre reports on the recovery in Parkland, Florida, as students return to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Plus: Marvin Olasky talks with author Eric Metaxas about distraction and love of neighbor.

Legal Docket, and the History Book

Mary Reichard explains what college students need to know about due process protections on campus, Nick Eicher reports about interest rates, and Paul Butler notes important dates from this week in history. Plus: commentary from Mary Coleman.

Culture Friday, and Queen of Katwe

John Stonestreet discusses the Trump administration's religious liberty record at home and abroad, Mary Reichard covers California wildfires, and Megan Basham provides a family movie recommendation. Plus: Word Play with George Grant.

Marijuana legalization and big alcohol, and new medical technology

Jim Long returns for the second part of WORLD's investigation into the financial interests pushing for marijuana legalization, Paul Butler reports on a fatal missionary aviation training accident, and Michael Cochrane explains the latest medical technologies. Plus: a Listening In preview.

Washington Wednesday, and death with dignity

Nick Eicher covers the troubled National Flood Insurance Program and efforts to reform it, and Sarah Schweinsberg reports on one woman finding life near death. Plus: Commentary from Janie Cheaney.

State abortion laws, and the Classic Book of the Month

Anna Johansen reports on how the Supreme Court vacancy is already affecting state abortion laws, and Sarah Schweinsberg reports about the latest skirmish in the congressional immigration wars. Plus: Emily Whitten with the Classic Book of the Month.

Legal Docket, and the Monday Moneybeat

Mary Reichard talks what it means when Supreme Court justices dissent or concur, and Nick Eicher reports about the unemployment rate hitting a near a five-decade low. Plus: Paul Butler notes important dates from this week in history.

Culture Friday, and Christopher Robin

John Stonestreet discusses the ethical dilemma of freezing embryos, Kristen Flavin reports on legislation to shield churches from paying taxes, and Megan Basham reviews a lovable, family-friendly Winnie the Pooh film. Plus: Marvin Olasky explains how WORLD chooses Hope Award winners.

Marijuana legalization, and the Southeast Hope Award winner

Jim Long traces the money behind the push to legalize marijuana, Leigh Jones reports on growth in classical education, and Kristen Flavin reports on a ministry caring for people both inside and outside of prison. Plus: Marvin Olasky on religion in the public square.

Washington Wednesday, and the Southwest Hope Award

J.C. Derrick talks with Congressman Doug Lamborn about reforming the VA, and Sarah Schweinsberg reports on a ministry helping refugees find their way. Plus: WORLD founder Joel Belz on applying a Christian worldview to secular culture.

Solving problems in Honduras, and the International Hope Award

Jamie Dean discusses two groups working to address violence in Honduras, and Sarah Schweinsberg covers farmers' response to aid from the Trump administration. Plus: Paul Butler reports on the 2018 International Hope Award winner.

Legal Docket, and the Monday Moneybeat

Mary Reichard explores the Supreme Court ruling that established the right to homeschool, and Nick Eicher reports on the best government figures on economic growth in four years. Plus: Paul Butler covers notable dates from this week in history.

Culture Friday, and Mission Impossible Fallout

John Stonestreet talks about a controversial church conference revealing growing fissures over LGBTQ issues, and Megan Basham reviews the latest Mission: Impossible installment. Plus: your listener feedback.

A vaccine scandal in China, and the Northeast Hope Award

June Cheng discusses a vaccination scandal in China, Sarah Schweinsberg reports on a competitive House race in Colorado, and Kristen Flavin reports on Northeast Hope Award winner. Plus: Commentary from Albert Mohler.

Washington Wednesday, and the Northwest Hope Award

J.C. Derrick talks with U.S. Senator and medical doctor Bill Cassidy about healthcare, and Sarah Schweinsberg reports on the Northwest Hope Awards winner Plus: commentary from Janie Cheaney on the Tenth Commandment.

Securing schools, and the Olasky Interview

Sarah Schweinsberg reports on how Christian schools are working to add security in the wake of numerous school shootings, Leigh Jones explains restorative justice programs designed to improve racial disparity in school discipline, and Marvin Olasky talks with conservative writer David French.