‘Better late than never’

Media | Netflix cuts suicide scene from 13 Reasons Why two years after its release
by Mary Jackson
Posted 7/19/19, 03:56 pm

Netflix removed a graphic suicide scene from its popular teen series 13 Reasons Why on Tuesday after two years of warding off denunciations from parents, mental health advocates, and researchers who found the portrayal led to a spike in teens taking their lives.

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Telling the world

Media | Unplanned opens in Canada amid backlash
by Mary Jackson
Posted 7/12/19, 03:31 pm

The pro-life movie Unplanned opened in dozens of theaters in Canada Friday after a long battle to persuade movie theaters to show it.

Unplanned, a story about how former Planned Parenthood facility manager Abby Johnson became a pro-life advocate, has grossed more than $18 million since its March 29 release in the United States. It comes out on DVD in August.

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Associated Press/Photo by Matt West/The Boston Herald (file)

Dramatizing suicide

Entertainment | Television shows featuring teen suicide present a distinct risk to adolescents
by Mary Jackson
Posted 7/05/19, 03:33 pm

Television dramas and films are increasingly portraying teen suicide in an empathetic light, revealing shifting cultural attitudes about death and taking a deadly gamble by letting viewers, some of them adolescents, decide whether taking one’s life is sometimes justifiable.

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