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Illustration by Rachel Beatty

(Illustration by Rachel Beatty)

Quick Takes

Belgian ingenuity

Unable to use a McDonald’s drive-thru for a lack of a car, one Belgium woman came up with a creative solution: She’d build one. Nathalie Moermans tried to go to a local McDonald’s restaurant only to be turned away because the fast-food chain was only serving customers at the drive-thru. Moreover, Moermans was told she couldn’t simply walk through the car lane because doing so would violate safety protocols. So on May 1, Moermans debuted her homemade cardboard car and tried to entice her 16-year-old daughter to go with her to the restaurant. “My daughter was embarrassed, but I told her that she would have good memories later, and she got ready to go out of the house,” Moermans told Newsweek. The gimmick was enough to satisfy the McDonald’s employees who obliged the pair and fulfilled their order. Employees and police also reportedly took pictures of the cardboard contraption.


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