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Illustration by Krieg Barrie

(Illustration by Krieg Barrie)

Quick Takes

Cats in committee

Surprise visits from pets during legislative committee meetings in New Hampshire have sparked a conversation about etiquette for Zoom meetings. On Feb. 3, during a meeting of the New Hampshire House of Representatives Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee, cats owned by Rep. Anita Burroughs began investigating her laptop and appeared on the Zoom conference call. According to Burroughs, a Democrat, the appearances of her cats Yoshi and Jack during the teleconference sparked a rebuke from Republican committee chairman Rep. John Hunt. Burroughs said Hunt told the ranking Democrat on the committee to tell her Democratic colleagues to keep pets from interfering in committee work. “The chair talked to [the ranking Democrat] and said no animals in the room,” Burroughs said. “I can try to keep the cats off the screen. Keeping them out of the room is going to be impossible.” Though the Feb. 3 meeting was also disturbed by a dog barking, Hunt denies issuing a pet ban, calling it merely a suggestion.

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