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By the numbers

9.45 ounces

The birth weight of a tiny baby boy born in a Tokyo hospital last August and discharged in February. Now healthy, he is thought to be the smallest male baby ever successfully treated and sent home. (A few girls have been smaller.)


The reported number of new businesses opening every day in China last year, according to Bloomberg.


The number of Catholic priests in the world in 2017, according to the Vatican’s most recent figures. For the first time since 2010, the number was a decrease from the previous year.


The estimated number of pedestrians killed in traffic in the United States last year, the most since 1990.


The age of Kane Tanaka, a Japanese woman that Guinness World Records recognized in March as the world’s oldest living person.

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By the numbers


The share of Americans who identified as pro-life in February, up from 38 percent in January, according to the Marist Poll. The increase came as Democrats in multiple states advocated for late-term abortions.

$21 million

The settlement the city of Simi Valley, Calif., will pay to Craig Coley for his wrongful conviction in a 1978 double murder case. DNA evidence exonerated Coley after he spent nearly 39 years in prison.


The share of Americans who hold advanced degrees such as a master’s or a doctorate, up from just 8.6 percent in 2000.


The number of anti-Semitic acts reported to authorities in France last year. The total represented a 74 percent increase over 2017 figures.


The top income tax rate paid in Slovenia, the highest marginal tax rate in Europe.

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By the numbers

98.2 million

The number of Americans who tuned in to the 2019 Super Bowl on Feb. 3, down from 103.4 million last year, according to Nielsen.


The inches of snow that had fallen on Seattle by the first 12 days of February, making it the city’s second-snowiest February on record.

2.99 billion

The number of trips the Chinese government expected travelers in the country to make by train, plane, and automobile between Jan. 21 and March 1 as they visit family for Chinese New Year.


The number of people killed in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs as of November, according to Philippine officials. Human rights groups say the death toll could actually be 20,000.

$1.9 billion

The amount consumers expected to spend on flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, according to a National Retail Federation survey.

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