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By the numbers


The estimated number of dead in South Sudan’s five-year civil war, whether from fighting, disease, hunger, or other causes, according to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.


The unemployment rate in the United States in September, the lowest level in 49 years.

1,700 pounds

The weight of an extinct elephant bird, based on a new fossil analysis by Zoological Society of London researchers. That would make it the largest bird known to science.


The proportion of the world’s population now living in the middle class (earning between $11 and $110 per day), according to the World Data Lab.

52.4 million

The total bushels of Gala apples American farmers expect to harvest this year, surpassing Red Delicious apples in the United States for the first time in 50 years.

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By the numbers


The number of migrant children the Department of Health and Human Services says it lost track of between April and June after placing them with sponsor families.


The percentage of Americans who have a favorable view of the Republican Party, the party’s highest approval rating since 2011, according to a September Gallup poll.


The cap on the number of refugees the United States will allow into the country during the 2019 fiscal year, according to the Trump administration—a record low.


The share of Americans 18 or older who are unmarried.

635 days

The time that elapsed before the Cleveland Browns broke a 19-game winless streak on Sept. 20. The NFL team’s last win came in December 2016.

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By the numbers


The number of lizards and insects, including bumblebee millipedes and giant African mantises, stolen from the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion in late August. The creatures are worth more than $40,000.

$2.1 billion

Pop singer Michael Jackson’s inflation-adjusted earnings, according to Forbes, since his death in 2009.


The share of American employees who left vacation days unused in 2017.

17.5 million

The number of plastic surgeries and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the United States last year, costing roughly $16.7 billion.


The number of for-hire electric scooters on the streets and sidewalks of Portland, Ore., according to the city’s Bureau of Transportation.

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