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Iuliia Stashevska/AP

Every year, hundreds of pregnant Russian women travel to the United States to give birth so that their children can acquire all the privileges of American citizenship. (Iuliia Stashevska/AP)

Human Race

White House: No more birth tourism to the United States

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION on Jan. 23 published new visa rules to restrict pregnant women traveling to the United States to give birth so their children would gain U.S. citizenship. The State Department “does not believe that visiting the United States for the primary purpose of obtaining U.S. citizenship for a child, by giving birth in the United States—an activity commonly referred to as ‘birth tourism’—is a legitimate activity for pleasure or of a recreational nature,” according to the new rules. Consular officers will deny tourist visas if they determine a woman is coming to the country primarily to give birth. Women can still travel to the United States to give birth for medical reasons but must prove they can pay for any expenses.

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