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Illustration by Krieg Barrie

2020 Children’s Books of the Year

A TIME FOR VIGILANCE: Children need their parents not only to guard against objectionable books but to promote good ones. The titles in the following pages are books to consider

Picture books

TURNING A SHACK INTO A HOME: Brightening colors help tell a story of hope amid tragedy


BECOMING A GENTLEMAN: How tragedy can produce an honorable young man


AGAINST THE ODDS: How God planned the steps of a girl with deformed feet

Jose Luis Magana/AP

1990 and 2020

Examining how public opinion on abortion has changed in the last 30 years

Grace and poetry

Painful memories, but also hope and faith, inform the work of poet Nikki Grimes

Worthy YA

Four outstanding novels for teens

Evan Vucci/AP

Teflon and toxicity

A momentous week in Washington brings acquittal for Trump, angst for Democrats, and acrimony for many

Erin Schaff/The New York Times/Redux

Minority opinion

Can Donald Trump gain enough black voters to make a difference in 2020?