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Auxier: Libby Hilf • Magoon: Curtis Sabir/WENN/Newscom

Restless souls

Children’s novels of the year: When the ordinary becomes extraordinary


Man in conflict

Children’s nonfiction book of the year: One theologian’s struggle to understand God and defeat Hitler

Krieg Barrie

Against the grain

Our 2019 Children’s Books of the Year stand out from an increasingly troubling crowd

Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times

The rise of the ‘YIMBYs’

As California’s housing prices soar out of reach, a growing group of citizens is calling for cities to build, baby, build

Aaron Favila/AP

Inside the Iglesia family

With millions of members, the Iglesia ni Cristo might be the largest religious sect you’ve never heard of—and critics claim it governs by intimidation and violence