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Illustration by Krieg Barrie

Books are special

The written word is a uniquely powerful, and powerfully Christian, tool of communication

Rodney Stark (Photo by Nick Layman/Genesis)

A religion on the move

Riding the roller coaster of Christian history: WORLD's engaging and myth-busting Book of the Year

Niche nook

We asked our reviewers to recommend the best business, humor, sports, economics and self-published niche books of 2011-2012

Nate Wilson (Photo by Mark Lamoreaux)

Feeding souls

Christian fiction writer Nate Wilson says Christians should model their writing after the work of the Great Storyteller

Master craftsmen

Some talented authors are showing that the stereotype of sugar-coated Christian fiction does not match reality

Simonetta Carr (Handout photo)

Theology for 3-year-olds

Theologians and others are turning out titles to present the gospel and church history to young, growing minds