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James Allen Walker for WORLD

'The Jews of our time'

Christians bear the brunt of persecution in the world today, says Michael Horowitz, and he's joined with evangelicals to do something about it

Associated Press/Photo by Mike Hutmacher/The Wichita Eagle

How close a tie?

The charges against abortionist George Tiller are narrow, but the effects of any verdict could be sweeping

James Allen Walker for WORLD

Salmonella cop

Barton Stupak is a pro-life lawmaker who wants to protect your right to eat a peanut butter sandwich

Associated Press/Photo by Carlos Hernandez

Extreme prejudice

A culture of too much trust may have contributed to the Stanford financial scandal

Bill Greenblatt/ UPI/NewsCom

Tea off

Tax day parties protest $3 trillion in Obama-era spending

Associated Press/Photo by Charles Rex Arbogast

Meet the teacher

New Secretary of Education Arne Duncan left a legacy of innovation, choice and accountability in Chicago.

Illustration by Krieg Barrie

Transparent intentions

There are reasons to be skeptical about claims of "transparency" from those with an agenda