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Illustration by Krieg Barrie

Thy will be done

With opportunity in academia and media came great challenges and great satisfaction.

Photo by Joel Page/Reuters/Landov

In the trenches

The word from activists against gay marriage: If the battle hasn't come to your state it will; be ready to work hard and be weary

Roll Call Pix/Newscom; inset: Rich Clarkson/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Running free

Records and medals couldn't give legendary miler Jim Ryun happiness, but something else did

Photo by Tom Williams/Roll Call Pix/Newscom


Six months of media scrutiny later, the Fellowship remains a closed group-but some within its ranks are calling for openness

Photo by Peter MacDiarmid/Getty Images

Free to disagree

Religious liberty advocates make progress against a 'defamation of religions' resolution

Associated Press/Photo by Amy Gutierrez

Staying home

Many conservative Anglicans have reasons beyond culture for rejecting a papal invitation into Roman Catholicism


Human Rights Day highlights victims of persistent abuse around the world

Associated Press/Photo by Ben Margot

Losing credit?

Banking analysts differ on the health of a leading megachurch lender