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Peter Artemenko

Reformed 'City'

What some call the "New Calvinism" sees itself as reviving an old evangelicalism

Associated Press/Photo by Susan Walsh

Likely to succeed

The right and left may be nervous about Sotomayor, but confirmation is not in doubt

Illustration by Krieg Barrie

The sixth wind?

Headlines trumpet Christian decline, but a closer look suggests another rise in serious faith

Neil Hanna/Zuma/Newscom and Lee Love/Genesis Photos

Ready to compete

God Is Back authors say Christianity is poised to do well-and better than Islam-in the 21st century


Perseverance of a singer

Uncertainties of a career on stage lead New York actress to "calm down and rely on God-a lot"

Levy Bruno/Sipa

Recession-proof banking?

Grameen Bank and microfinance guru Muhammad Yunus came to America just a year ago with ideas-and success stories-on how the poor can survive a credit crunch

Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP/Getty Images

Bitter wounds

The fighting may have stopped in Sri Lanka, but ethnic tensions are high as thousands of minority Tamils suffer in primitive camps

Roger L. Wolenberg/Pool/Getty Images

Standing down

As the crisis in Darfur deepens, President Obama's hard line from last year turns soft

Christopher Lee/Getty Images for Abacus

Escape from scandal

Cricket helps take the mind off bleak economy and politicians' malfeasance