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Elizabeth Flores/Star Tribune/NewsCom

Serving America

A new law triples the size of government "volunteerism" and perhaps the restrictions that go with it

Illustration by Krieg Barrie

Dividing the unity

Pro-gay Presbyterians and Lutherans gain; Episcopalians formalize split

Al Seib/Los Angeles Times

Illegal procedures

Abortionist Bertha Bugarin goes to jail, but exploitation of Hispanic women goes on

Associated Press/Photo by John Raoux

Heal or heel?

While the Bible shows that God can heal people supernaturally, claims of particular faith-healers should be examined.


Home cooking

Hill House in Austin, Texas, offers a place of comfort and reflection to an "unreached people group": graduate students

Mike Kiev/iStock

Plugging leaks

Watchdogs try to stop billions in losses to "ecclesiastical crime"

Suchat Pederson/The News Journal/AP

Not over yet

Americans are ditching the masks, but medical authorities continue to watch swine flu

James Allen Walker for WORLD

One-term wonder?

Joseph Cao's stay in Congress may be as short as his path there was remarkable


To hell and back

On Sept. 7, 1944, Edward Treski received a lifetime dose of perspective