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Patently absurd

Drug companies and their patents are not the enemies in the war against AIDS


Tennessee candidates aren't afraid to use faith in bid to fill open Senate seat


Candidates for House and Senate are going door-to-door and stump-to-stump in the final weeks before Nov. 7 midterm elections now too close to call

Missouri compromised

Low poll ratings for President Bush and high ratings for a stem-cell ballot initiative could together spell trouble for Sen.

Third-degree Burns

Democratic challenger Jon Tester is scorching Montana's incumbent GOP senator-at the debate podium and on the street

Bringng financial peace

The first-ever Nobel Peace Prize awarded to an economist recognizes a 30-year success story underwriting small businesses among the poor

Cougars among the flock

Pastor and author David Dykstra on a biblical approach to a generous-but wisely selective-immigration policy