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Critics contend the United States is abandoning rule-of-law gains made in the interim Iraqi constitution in favor of a UN-brokered solution that may satisfy a political timetable-but not the Iraqi people.

'I don't want to go home in a box'

SAUDI ARABIA: Latest al-Qaeda attack has Westerners and Americans fleeing, oil prices spiking, and people wondering whether the House of Saud is a house of cards

Snake eyes

CAMBODIA: Is the religious fascination with serpents in this jungle nation merely a matter of aesthetic custom, or is it something much deeper?

Rare? Rarely

PARTIAL-BIRTH: Buried in a judge's order, an admission that an abortion method excused as rare is becoming commonplace

A lasting legacy?

FAITH-BASED INITIATIVE: President touts a signature issue, but without legislation, its future may rise or fall based upon the occupant of the Oval Office

Conspiracy theories

AD WATCH: Two new interest-group TV ads deliver shocking images but shaky facts

Forgetting Saddam

MEDIA: Ignoring videotaped evidence of Hussein's brutal torture techniques, U.S.