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One war may be over, but 600 miles from Baghdad, accords end in discord, roadmaps to peace lead nowhere fast, and Israel perches as ever atop 12,000 square miles of fully fused powderkeg.

Hidden treasure

Corruption mars an experiment in democracy, but Nicaraguans vow to clean up their own house

Congo crisis

About 20,000 Congolese refugees from the country's eastern Ituri region this month fled across the Ugandan border

What's good for golf...

Outspoken golfer Vijay Singh didn't play in the Colonial golf tournament and he said it was because of a woman.

Ping-Pong playback

The NBA was scheduled to hold its draft lottery on May 22, but the results may not matter.

Miami vice?

With fading hopes of keeping his conference intact, Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese sounded more and more like Howard Beale.