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Authors by the dozen

From intelligent design to pop culture, from Christian apologetics to politics, 12 contemporary authors do what they do best: pontificate, Q & A style

Whistling past the graveyard

With boomers graying and starting to ponder the end of their lives, here's an opportunity for publishers to get ahead of the curve and produce meaningful, challenging books.

Free at last

"Father of vouchers" Milton Friedman tells WORLD the high court has freed legislatures to make school-choice decisions-by ending the "endless litigation"

Unpassable test?

Former Israeli prime minister praises Bush's Palestinian proposal

A look in the mirror

BOOKS SPECIAL REPORT | Books-how they're written and who writes them, the ideas they fight over, and the unpleasant implications they ignore-tell a lot about a culture

TNIV grab for support fails

A funny thing happened on the way from the Forum: IBS, Zondervan rapped for claiming "consensus," causing "confusion"