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Just keep the books

Five reforms: Integrity, transparency, plain English, frugality, and limited power.

Are we ready to rumble?

Because the aggressor always shows up, we'd better be: Three challenges the next president will face, and how he can use military might to keep the peace

Restore public trust

A little impartiality could go a long way: The next president needs to find an independent-minded attorney general-and then set about changing the way justice is administered, from law enforcement to the court system

Mr. Spin

The Clinton White House took political "spin" to a whole new level, from which most Beltway journalists believe future administrations will never recover.

Recognize the limits

Move away from command-and-control and toward humility and hope: An action agenda for an agency many conservatives wish didn't exist

HUD (Hassle and Urban Dismay)

Why Housing and Urban Development must change: The next HUD secretary needs outcome-based, entrepreneurial approaches that help empower local neighborhoods to break the cycle of despair.

When will Washington ever learn?

There's a lot not to like about federal education policy, but one fundamental reform should go to the head of the class: Policymakers' emphasis must shift from "saving the system" to helping the kids learn-because, ultimately, education is not about scho

Command Center

Washington is all about spending money, so it stands to reason that any reform administration would require an energetic budget office to spearhead its agenda.