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Perilous journeys

As Nigerian immigrants dream of better lives in Europe, aid groups work to curb illegal and risky travel

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The fight for Chinese rights

A network of lawyers in China has led a bold effort to enforce the rule of law, but Communist opposition is formidable

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‘Trump of the Tropics’

Critics of Brazil’s new president unfavorably compare him to Donald Trump, but Jair Bolsonaro’s win also marks a move away from socialism and shows the rise of evangelical influence

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Nowhere to live

A housing crisis is clamping down on middle-income workers—teachers like Renata Sanchez—in prosperous California

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Sticks and stones

House Democrats kick off Congress with rowdy insults and regrettable policy

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Lost by choice

Despite a history of concerns about population growth, Israel has some of the most permissive abortion laws in the world

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Unsafe spaces

Often victims of violence and sexual abuse, women trapped in the nation’s homelessness crisis have particular needs and vulnerabilities

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Against the tide

Abortion still devastates the African-American community at an alarming and disproportionate rate, but black pro-life activists are fighting for lives

Jeff Wales

Living pro-vida

Shame and family silence lead many Hispanic women to abortionists, but a pro-life message may be making strides

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A question of ethics

A conversation with bioethicist William Hurlbut about controversial gene-editing scientist He Jiankui