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Serving God and country

Religious Liberty | The Pentagon moves to protect military members’ religious liberty
by Steve West
Posted 9/18/20, 02:09 pm

When Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling posted favorite Bible verses in her workspace at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base, her boss ordered her to remove them. “I don’t like those,” her supervisor said. “I don’t like their tone.” When Sterling declined, the military court-martialed her.

That was 2013, but her fate might be different today, thanks to the Pentagon’s new policy protecting religious liberty for service members.

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Moderating the moderators

Free Speech | Proposed legislation would limit social media platforms’ control over content
by Steve West
Posted 9/15/20, 01:13 pm

President Donald Trump last month accused Facebook and Twitter of bias after they removed a video he posted in which he claimed children were “almost immune” to COVID-19. In May, Trump criticized Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s handling of riots after George Floyd’s death, tweeting, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Twitter blocked the tweet, citing its rule against inciting violence.

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Facebook/Grace Community Church

Pressure mounts on California congregation

Religious Liberty | Court bars John MacArthur’s church from indoor worship
by Steve West
Posted 9/14/20, 12:39 pm

Los Angeles County won the latest round in its battle with Grace Community Church over coronavirus-related gathering restrictions, but Pastor John MacArthur preached to a packed house on Sunday despite the court ruling against him.

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