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Supreme Court strengthens anti-persecution law

Religious Liberty | Justices give the Religious Freedom Restoration Act some teeth
by Steve West
Posted 12/11/20, 05:33 pm

The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously agreed a federal law upholding religious rights also allows people of faith to recover monetary damages from those who discriminate against them.

The case involved three Muslim men who claimed FBI agents placed them on the no-fly list when they refused to act as informants against other Muslims. The government subsequently removed them from the list, but the men continued to seek damages for airline tickets wasted and lost income from job opportunities they missed.

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Free and open speech for students

Free Speech | Ohio legislature passes bill to protect freedom of expression on campus
by Steve West
Posted 12/08/20, 02:07 pm

The Ohio House of Representatives approved a bill to abolish free speech zones on college campuses, bringing the state one step closer to bolstering its students’ rights.

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Church politics go to court

Religious Liberty | A ruling in a Baptist tussle threatens church autonomy
by Steve West
Posted 12/08/20, 12:52 pm

What happens in church has generally stayed in church and out of courts, due to a legal doctrine called ecclesiastical abstention. But a narrowly divided appeals court recently revived an ex-church employee’s lawsuit in a decision critics say represents an unwarranted intrusion into religious matters.

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