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Social speech

Free Speech | The Trump administration wades into the bog of internet platform bias
by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 5/21/19, 04:25 pm

The White House has launched an online form soliciting stories from people who believe social media platforms have censored them for political reasons. The questionnaire, which asks for each responder’s name, contact information, citizenship status, and information about the alleged censorship, does not specify what the administration plans to do with the information but signals the government’s increasing interest in social media moderation practices.

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Not so equal

Religious Liberty | The House is set to vote on a bill that would drastically curb religious liberty
by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 5/14/19, 04:49 pm

High-profile religious liberty disputes have arisen across the country in recent years, from the case of baker Jack Phillips in Colorado to florist Baronnelle Stutzman in Washington state and from the corporate offices of Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma to t

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Letting doctors do no harm

Religious Liberty | President Donald Trump announces conscience protections to healthcare providers
by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 5/07/19, 03:04 pm

At an event marking the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, President Donald Trump announced new rules for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to protect the conscience rights of healthcare workers. The rules strengthen protections for doctors, nurses, and others who object to participating in procedures such as abortion, assisted suicide, or sterilization.

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