Your “Up-To-The-Minute and Easily-Sharable” Access to the News

You are busy and on the move. Time is in short supply. Yet you want to stay in touch with the news that matters most. The problem is you only have slivers of time to do so. You need clarity that’s instant and easy to get to. You also want to be able to share big ideas and updates in real time with others—stories you know will make a difference in their lives.

That’s what WORLD Digital does best: gets you the story instantly and makes it easily shareable with others.

Not only do you receive up-to-the-minute access to late-breaking stories, you have access to stories that clarify the events of our time and put them into the context of our individual lives, our culture, and our faith. WORLD Digital is your one-touch access, your fast lane for staying informed about the truly important news of the day.

  • Up-to-the-minute access on a variety of digital devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, and iPods
  • Enhanced storytelling and graphics to deliver the news in ways that take advantage of your digital devices’ full capabilities
  • Includes the best of print, audio, and video media
  • Expanded roster of respected journalists, commentators, and analysts reporting on a wide variety of news stories and topics of interest to you
  • Easy and quick ways to share articles through email, texting, social media, even printing