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U.K.: Iran confronted British commercial vessel in Persian Gulf

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 7/11/19, 11:01 am

Three Iranian paramilitary boats attempted to impede a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz on Wednesday, according to the British government. The Iranian vessels tried to block the British Heritage but retreated when Britain’s HMS Montrose warship positioned itself between the two ships and issued verbal warnings, the British navy said. “We are concerned by this action and continue to urge the Iranian authorities to de-escalate the situation in the region,” British government officials said.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard denied the accusations, saying, “There were no clashes with alien boats, especially English boats.” The day before, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that Britain would face “repercussions” for aiding in last week’s seizure of an Iranian supertanker suspected of transporting oil to Syria in violation of sanctions.

Iran on Monday exceeded the 2015 nuclear deal’s limits on the size of its low-enriched uranium stockpile and its uranium enrichment level after weeks of escalating tensions. It set a September deadline for world powers to offer a new deal.

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Onize Ohikere

Onize is a reporter for WORLD Digital based in Abuja, Nigeria.

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  • OldMike
    Posted: Thu, 07/11/2019 02:54 pm

    Gonna get a lot more expensive to ship oil if every tanker has to be accompanied by a warship. 

    Posted: Thu, 07/11/2019 03:38 pm

    Since Iranian paramilitary boats threatening ships don't exist, someone needs to make it true. 

  • CM
    Posted: Fri, 07/12/2019 12:50 am

    No one wants another war, and Iran would be a dangerous opponent, but not nearly as dangerous as it will be if we wait until Iran has nuclear capabilities.  If we look objectively at rogue nations in the world, no nation has been as destabilizing as Iran.  If war is to come, and all indications point in that direction, it would be much better for it to come sooner rather than later.  

  • Laura W
    Posted: Sun, 07/14/2019 02:11 pm

    Best not to get too fatalistic about such matters. By some accounts, that sort of thinking is what led to WWI. Quite a lot of leaders then had decided that it would be better to have a war sooner rather than later, and so had little reason to try to keep war from happening at all.