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Trump says ‘mission accomplished’ in Syria strike

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 4/14/18, 08:57 am

President Donald Trump on Saturday declared a joint military strike on Syria “perfectly executed.” The United States, France, and Britain on Friday night launched cruise missiles at the Syrian capital of Damascus to destroy President Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons capability and punish him for using the banned weapons on his own people. “Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military,” Trump tweeted Saturday. “Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!” Russian President Vladimir Putin, al-Assad’s chief ally, denounced the strikes and called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. In a Friday night speech, Trump chastised Russia and Iran for supporting “murderous dictators” and said Russia reneged on a 2013 promise to ensure Assad got rid of his chemical weapons. “Russia must decide if it will continue down this dark path, or if it will join with civilized nations as a force for stability and peace,” Trump said. “Hopefully, someday we’ll get along with Russia, and maybe even Iran—but maybe not.” Syrians responded Saturday morning by gathering at landmark squares, honking their car horns, and waving flags in defiance of the attack. The Syrian and Russian militaries claimed to have shot down the majority of about 100 missiles fired by the U.S. and its allies.

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Lynde Langdon

Lynde is a WORLD Digital’s managing editor and reports on popular and fine arts. She lives in Wichita, Kan., with her husband and two daughters. Follow Lynde on Twitter @lmlangdon.

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  • OldMike
    Posted: Sat, 04/14/2018 06:17 pm

    For a number of reasons, I’m glad the US is acting in concert with our allies on this. Tyrants and terrorists must understand that their actions are abhorrent to the majority of the civilized world.

    Teddy Roosevelt advocated “talking softly but carrying a big stick.”  Unfortunately in recent history, some US leaders believed we should talk softly and carry NO stick.  Now, too many bad actors in the world consider us a paper tiger.  I think tough loud talk accompanied by tough action is necessary to re-establish that some offenses cannot go unpunished.

    And when we act alone, it’s too easy for the bad guys, along with numerous Trump haters here at home (as well as our domestic “Amerika” haters) to simply deride the US govt as imperialists, reckless cowboys, or blame it on “that corrupt idiot Trump.”

    And that’s just talking about appearances. The best reason for acting in concert with others is found in Proverbs 15:22. 

  • My Two Cents
    Posted: Sun, 04/15/2018 06:23 pm

    So, how many years has Syria been beheading Christians? Yes, much of that was before Trump was elected.

    But Syria was on the banned travel list of countries, so any Syrian Christian who is trying to escape religious persecution cannot seek refuge in America. That was Trump.

    Why now do we seem to care that Assad is gassing his people? 



  • VT
    Posted: Sun, 04/15/2018 09:38 pm

    It’s morally wrong in every sense of the phrase. Just like when Hitler massacred the Jews. It’s basically the same thing.

    And the reason why we banned the Syrians from coming to America is because we want to prevent attacks on our own citizens.

    Also, Trump is not like Obama, paying tyrants to stop being bad. Trump takes action, Trump will revolt, Trump will blow up whoever is a threat to the country he runs, and the world in which he lives in.