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Trump blasts FBI as ‘den of thieves’

by Leigh Jones
Posted 6/15/18, 12:00 pm

President Donald Trump on Friday blasted the conclusions in a Justice Department report claiming former FBI Director James Comey broke protocol but didn’t act with political bias in his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use. The report, released Thursday, included more text messages exchanged by two FBI agents investigating Clinton. Trump focused on the clear bias in those messages but directed most of his ire at the agency’s leadership. “The end result was wrong. There was total bias,” Trump told reporters during an impromptu morning news conference outside the White House. The president described Comey as “the ringleader” of a “den of thieves.”

Trump also claimed the report “totally exonerated” him of any involvement in Russia’s meddling in the election. He said the latest findings “totally discredited” the Russia investigation, which began with the FBI before getting transferred to special counsel Robert Mueller. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, now Trump’s personal lawyer, told Fox & Friends he didn’t know whether the president would agree to an interview with Mueller after reading the Department of Justice report: “Why would he get interviewed by a corrupt investigation?”

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Leigh Jones

Leigh lives in Houston with her husband and daughter. She is the news editor for The World and Everything in It and reports on education for WORLD Digital.

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  • news2me
    Posted: Fri, 06/15/2018 01:55 pm

    The statue outside the Justice Dept. should be 3 monkeys of see no truth, hear no truth and speak no truth. (The main stream media follows the same path.)

  • Xion's picture
    Posted: Sun, 06/17/2018 01:47 pm

    One thing Donald Trump's unorthodox presidency does is expose how corrupt the U.S. government is.   But even more important is how obvious the double standard is and how unashamedly biased the media is.  When politicians and celebrities prefer recession, joblessness and even nuclear war rather than saying anything nice about the other party, we know that common decency and fairness have disappeared.