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Security tightens in Washington as inauguration nears

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 1/14/21, 04:17 pm

Supporters of the incoming president traditionally gather on the National Mall in Washington to welcome him on Inauguration Day before taking in a parade and attending parties throughout the city. But the National Mall will be closed for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration due to security concerns after riots at the U.S. Capitol last week. More than 26,000 National Guardsmen will secure the Capitol and surrounding areas, U.S. officials said.

What else is changing? Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked residents to stay home and travelers to cancel their trips to the area for the event. The home-sharing website Airbnb canceled all reservations in and around the capital the week of the inauguration. Starting this weekend, Delta Airlines will not allow passengers on flights to the area to check guns. Police vehicles have already shut down streets in a large swath of downtown Washington, and numerous Metro stations are expected to close, too. Biden had planned to ride an Amtrak train from his hometown of Wilmington, Del., on Inauguration Day just as he did for many years while serving in the U.S. Senate. He canceled those plans for security reasons.

Dig deeper: Read Marvin Olasky’s column about last week’s Capitol riots.

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Lynde Langdon

Lynde is a WORLD Digital's managing editor. She is a graduate of World Journalism Institute, the Missouri School of Journalism, and the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Lynde resides with her family in Wichita, Kansas. Follow Lynde on Twitter @lmlangdon.

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    Posted: Fri, 01/15/2021 09:14 am

    Have you ever noticed fencing with a slanted top? The fencing around an electric substation, for example, is slanted out to keep people secure outside a dangerous area. The fencing around a prison is slanted in to keep dangerous people inside a secure area. The fencing in our nation’s capital doesn’t appear to be slanted, but I’m encouraged by Psalm 7:15-16, Proverbs 26:24-27, and Matthew 15:13-14.

    Posted: Fri, 01/15/2021 07:28 pm


    I hope so. I keep waiting, but God might be punishing us for not having done more against ABORTION. Also for making other countries accept abortion against their religion. 

  • SJBaptist
    Posted: Fri, 01/15/2021 11:15 am

    I see in your first paragraph you reference  "riots at the U.S. Capitol last week.".  How many riots were there? I only read about the one on January 6th in the afternoon. Were there more? 

  • Big Jim
    Posted: Fri, 01/15/2021 01:39 pm

    Nice to see the stormtroopers out in force.

  • OldMike
    Posted: Fri, 01/15/2021 06:19 pm

    Big Jim, don't diss the National Guard. They are just there to do a job. ;-)

  • Big Jim
    Posted: Sat, 01/16/2021 06:22 pm

    OldMike, that was a tongue-in-cheek comment. I do respect the National Guard along with our other military units. I was simply referring to them in the same language that Nancy Pelosi and Jim Clyburn used earlier this year when Pres. Trump suggested sending them in to quell the Antifa riots. Amazing how Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Clyburn's opinion of the Guard changes when THEY'RE the ones being protected!

    Once again, big double standard by the Left.

  • OldMike
    Posted: Sun, 01/17/2021 03:56 am

    Big Jim, I knew you weren't serious. But I did NOT know some Dem leaders had called them "storm troopers."  And their 180° turn doesn't surprise me, any more than how "Defund the Police" has dropped from usage while Congress is still grateful for the protection they received last week. 

    Anyone who has never read the Orwell classic Nineteen Eighty-Four should find a copy and read it (before it's banned). It's chilling, more so in light of current events. 

  • Cyborg3's picture
    Posted: Tue, 01/19/2021 07:46 pm

    I hope all the anti-Trumpers are happy! They own the Biden presidency with all the radical agendas for the next few years!