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Portland pushes back against federal presence

by Kyle Ziemnick
Posted 7/20/20, 01:23 pm

Rioters tore down a fence protecting the U.S. courthouse and set a fire in the building’s entryway early Monday, Portland, Ore., police said. Federal guards extinguished the blaze and scattered the crowd using tear gas. Protests in the city over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have persisted every night for nearly two months.

How have local authorities responded? The Portland Police Bureau said its officers did not engage the protesters who set the fire. State and local officials have blasted the federal government’s involvement. Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler told CNN on Sunday that federal officers were not welcome in the city, and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum on Friday sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for warrantless action in Portland. “We are trying to help Portland, not hurt it,” President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday. “Their leadership has, for months, lost control of the anarchists and agitators.”

Dig deeper: Read Sophia Lee’s report from Los Angeles on problems with the push to defund the police.

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Kyle Ziemnick

Kyle is a WORLD Digital news reporter. He is a World Journalism Institute and Patrick Henry College graduate. Kyle resides in Purcellville, Va. Follow him on Twitter @kylezim25.

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  • Janet B
    Posted: Mon, 07/20/2020 02:48 pm

    The federal governement is not wrong in its use of force to protect its property.

    It sounds like the state and local officers either do not know the proper role of the various levels of government, including what the federal government can and cannot do, or they do not care.

    I do not understand how the local government thinks it is helping its city by allowing lawlessness through rioting.  Can they not see what so many of us see:  anarchy in their streets? 

  • RC
    Posted: Mon, 07/20/2020 05:13 pm

    When enough local businesses get destroyed, and decide to leave, there won’t be any tax base and the local government will have effectively defunded themselves.

    Posted: Mon, 07/20/2020 02:51 pm

    They claim the Feds are causing increased violent behavior... seems just last week even the MSM was decrying the violence and destruction that Oregon was ignoring/enabling...


  • Nanamiro
    Posted: Mon, 07/20/2020 08:21 pm

    Portland leaders don't like to be the "mean guy'". They are like the permissive parent who just can't say no. So, Portland now resembles a landfill because of all the homelessness that leaders don't want to deal with, and there are never ending protests and riots that they don't want to discourage because they don't want to appear "un-woke". It's so sad to see.

  •  West Coast Gramma's picture
    West Coast Gramma
    Posted: Mon, 07/20/2020 03:41 pm

    Hong Kong, did you say?


  • Nanamiro
    Posted: Mon, 07/20/2020 08:19 pm

    I live in the Portland metro area. It is so sad how this once fun, quirky city is being destroyed by terrible leadership and ideology. We have started to avoid Portland at all costs, even trying to not drive through it. Between overwhelming homeless encampments, never-ending protests and riots, it is not somewhere you want to hang out anymore. I just hope and pray it doesn't spread into the suburbs. But, Portlanders continue to vote in these same types of people year after year. I wonder when they will be fed up?

  • OldMike
    Posted: Mon, 07/20/2020 11:49 pm

    Oops I'm sorry, trying to scroll and accidentally hit "report!"

  •  CaptTee's picture
    Posted: Tue, 07/21/2020 02:12 pm

    Are the Portland officials conspiring with the rioters?

  • Tom Hanrahan
    Posted: Thu, 07/23/2020 06:11 am


    A few short years ago, red states claimed states rights, & pushed back hard against poteintial fed intervention "they better not come here, there wil be trouble". Now the tune has changed 180 deg.

    The feds have NO business overriding local officials without trying to cooperate, setting up potential clashes among not only citizens but competing police forces. This is srious abuse of separation of powers, as they not only are "protetcing federal property", but also multiple reports of confrontaiton in the city areas in general. This is precisely like foolish Reheboam lost the unified Israel (I Kings 12).

    I fast this morning for our country. We are getting exactly what (and who) we voted for.

    Posted: Thu, 07/23/2020 01:47 pm

    Two days ago, CSPAN provided an answer to your challenging statement that the "... feds have NO business overriding local officials without trying to cooperate ..." My challenge: Watch the entire video. I had my eyes opened; may yours be, also.

    "The Department of Homeland Security held a news conference to discuss actions taken against protesters by federal law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon. Acting Homeland Secuirity Secretary Chad Wolf explained why federal officers were in Portland and their mission to protect federal property in the city."

  • Nanamiro
    Posted: Thu, 07/23/2020 04:57 pm

    Personally, I think Portland should be allowed to destroy iteself, and if federal buildings are destroyed or damaged, the cost should be deducted from any federal funds the city receives from the federal government. Perhaps the federal employees in Portland can be moved out of the city. Portland is certainly getting what they voted for (for decades).

  •  Varenikje's picture
    Posted: Thu, 07/23/2020 11:41 pm

    Hannah, that is quite an eye-opening video! Thanks for showing us that! 

  • jclark53
    Posted: Thu, 07/23/2020 03:00 pm

    I'm seriously starting to wonder who or what is behind these riots. They use many of the same techniques. The government in the involved cities prefers to not only look the other way but prevent anyone else from interfering. It's like watching some really bad movie always based in some destroyed city in the future.

  • OldMike
    Posted: Fri, 07/24/2020 12:09 am

    Object lessons for the entire country to consider:  Do we want to elect leaders who hold the philosophies that lead to that kind of chaos and destruction?