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Porn actress ordered to pay Trump’s legal fees

by Harvest Prude
Posted 12/12/18, 11:10 am

A federal judge in Los Angeles on Tuesday ordered pornographic film actress Stephanie Clifford, who goes by the name Stormy Daniels, to pay President Donald Trump nearly $300,000 in legal fees for a defamation suit she brought against him earlier this year. Clifford claims that in 2006 she had a brief affair with Trump and that days before the 2016 presidential election she signed a nondisclosure agreement with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. In an earlier lawsuit, which is still pending, she challenged the nondisclosure agreement.

Cohen has since pleaded guilty to facilitating hush money payments to Clifford and another women who claims to have had an affair with Trump. The president has denied both affairs but federal prosecutors said he directed Cohen to make the payments.

Clifford also said that in 2011 an unknown man approached her in a Las Vegas parking lot and threatened her to keep quiet about the alleged affair. After she released a sketch of the man, Trump called the claims a “total con job.” Clifford sued, and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, called the president’s remarks “false and defamatory.” In October, U.S. District Judge S. James Otero dismissed the defamation lawsuit, saying the tweet was “rhetorical hyperbole” and that “the First Amendment protects this type of rhetorical statement.”

Trump attorney Charles Harder called Tuesday’s ruling “a total victory for the president,” while Avenatti said it would not hold up on appeal.

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Harvest Prude

Harvest is a political reporter for WORLD's Washington Bureau. She is a World Journalism Institute and Patrick Henry College graduate. Harvest resides in Washington, D.C. Follow her on Twitter @HarvestPrude.

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  • Spock
    Posted: Wed, 12/12/2018 03:09 pm

    The fact that the cost of a defamation lawsuit could reach $300,000 is a travesty in itself.  We seem to have a legal system designed by lawyers for lawyers.

    Posted: Wed, 12/12/2018 07:48 pm

    Don't blame it all on the lawyers. 

    Judges allow bad people to win cases. They sometimes allow big law offices to run amok with stacks of papers meaning nothing, charging up legal fees and then judges make the small people pay for the overpriced lawyers the opponent used.

    Our legal system is messed up. You can sue ANYONE for ANYTHING. For ANY AMOUNT. It's crazy.


  •  Peter Allen's picture
    Peter Allen
    Posted: Thu, 12/13/2018 10:37 am

    "If we didn't have lawyers, we wouldn't need lawyers".  Yet we still have the best system in the world and within it lawyers are at times realy needed.  Looking forward to the day we welcome King Jesus who will rule with an iron rod and righteousness.  No more lawyers! 

    Posted: Wed, 12/12/2018 07:55 pm

    If you mess around with a married man, you should not expect anything. Not only did you mess with someone else's husband, you will be taking money from the wife as well. What? He didn't tell you he's married? Seriously?

    How many other husbands have you used?

    How do you defame a porn star? Call her a virgin? Say she won't do whatever you pay her to do? Call her a bad actress?

    She should pay. It sounds like someone paid her more than once for her services. If she wins, there will be more like her coming after, possibly, judges next time.  ;-)

    No I am not for either side. The whole thing is nuts, just because Trump was running for pres. and then won.

    Seriously?! Move on woman while you still look good! 

    Posted: Wed, 12/12/2018 09:22 pm

    I'm not quite sure what to make of this lady. I set aside my almost reflexive hard-wired negative view of her. The other day her book was on the ("drastically discounted items") table at the local B&N. What little I read depicted her hard far from ideal up bringing. I wonder if Dr Olasky or other Worldmag staff would dare to peruse the book? Or even interview her? Her ex-husband?

    Insurance companies routinely offer up money to persistent pesky pests (plaintiffs and their injury lawyers) with the expressed goal of "making them go away and leave us alone".  If these gals took money to stay mum about a romp in the hay with Trumpy then their decision to blab makes them in breech of contract, no? The one character and organization I see as most in need of further scrutiny is the National Enquirer publisher and Trump buddy, David Pecker. He paid the ex centerfold model McDougal for the rights to her exclusive Trump story. She cashed the check. And then I guess she had buyer's remorse when she concluded how much her own Trump tale would be worth.

    You gotta wonder what Jessica Hahn would say to either McDougal or Stormie. 

  •  Peter Allen's picture
    Peter Allen
    Posted: Thu, 12/13/2018 10:31 am

    And if you as a married man mess aournd with a porn actress, etc. expect drama in your life.  And in your wife's life also.  "What? you didn't know you were married?  Seriously?  How may other women have you used?"  

    Perhaps Trump is a "Cyrus" of our time.  Yet we dare not blame only the other side in the drama as he gets the natural result.  And what his wife  gets what she does not deserve.  And I hope she does not "move on" if to another victim.  Rather perhaps she can sort her personal life out and find redemption.