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North Korea launches second missile over Japan

by Evan Wilt
Posted 9/15/17, 10:17 am

North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan early Friday morning local time—the second hostile test in less than a month and its longest flight so far. The missile flew for 19 minutes over the Japanese island of Hokkaido and traveled nearly 2,300 miles before landing harmlessly in the Pacific Ocean. The closest U.S. military base to North Korea is on Guam, about 2,100 miles away. “North Korea’s provocative missile launch represents the second time the people of Japan, a treaty ally of the United States, have been directly threatened in recent weeks,” U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement. “These continued provocations only deepen North Korea’s diplomatic and economic isolation.” The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved new economic sanctions against North Korea this week. On Friday, the council will hold another emergency meeting about the latest threat. But the North’s totalitarian regime clearly doesn’t care about sanctions and tough talk, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., tweeted Friday morning. “It is time to more forcefully back up our diplomatic efforts with the threat of a credible military option,” he said.

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Evan Wilt

Evan is a reporter for WORLD Digital based in Washington, D.C.

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  • Fuzzyface
    Posted: Fri, 09/15/2017 11:52 am

    Maybe we should start drone strikes on any missles that show up on satelite before they are launched.  Or known launch or manufactring sites.(The pictures I've seen are that they haul the missles on trucks or something to a bare field.)

  • OldMike
    Posted: Fri, 09/15/2017 01:09 pm

    Very tempting to do that, but sonny boy Kim Jong Un with his apparent delusions of huge power is likely to launch strikes across the DMZ against S. Korea and our forces in the region.

    I have trouble believing everyone in power in N. Korea is insane.  Keep hoping some of Jong Un's generals decide "enough is enough" and assassinate their boy prez.

  • Steve Dossin's picture
    Steve Dossin
    Posted: Fri, 09/15/2017 05:23 pm

    That is why the Secretary of Defense says any military response would be catastrophic. The US would need to completely disable the NK military -- I would think that would mean a NK casualty count in seven figures.

    In spite of the horror, failing to execute such an attack after NK has demonstrated the capability to reach the US with nuclear weapons should be grounds for impeachment of the President. The government is empowered by God to curb evil, and it is failing to do so.