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North Korea is at it again

International | South Korean sources say Kim’s regime is rebuilding a missile launch site
by Mindy Belz
Posted 3/06/19, 11:23 am

NORTH KOREA is rebuilding a missile launch site it promised to dismantle, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency. Workers were seen replacing a door and a roof at Tongchang-ri, a site leader Kim Jong Un pledged to destroy in his summit with President Donald Trump last summer. Satellite images show the structures were rebuilt between February 16 and March 2—perhaps before or after U.S. President Donald Trump abruptly ended the latest summit with Kim on Thursday in Vietnam.

SYRIA: Two months after declaring all U.S. troops will leave Syria, President Trump told members of Congress that he now agrees “100%” with keeping a military presence there.

MEXICO: U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said record numbers of migrants crossed the U.S. southern border in February—more than 76,000 migrants. But the figure, all deemed “illegal” and “unauthorized,” combines “those who are arrested between ports of entry and those who present themselves at a border crossing and are deemed ‘inadmissible,’” according to the National Immigration Forum. In other words, not the number who actually entered the United States. Such migration typically drops off in winter months, and Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan said the system “is well beyond capacity and remains at a breaking point.”

KENYA: Kyle Forti, one of four Americans killed in a weekend helicopter crash near a national park in northern Kenya, leaves a family and many connections among Christian organizations.

RUSSIA: What happened to $230 million stolen from the Moscow tax office? A seasoned investigator has uncovered how Russian kleptocrats funneled proceeds through Lithuania to offshore shell companies forming the “Troika Laundromat”—a laundering scheme to siphon off funds using legit organizations, including a charity run by England’s Prince Charles.

RUSSIA: Why Trump’s decision to exit the INF Treaty is wrong: “Provocative as Russia’s cheating may be, the U.S. decision to walk away rather than make a serious effort to bring Moscow back into compliance will undermine the long-term security of both Europe and the United States.”

SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: Why would China have interest in constructing a deep-water port in a remote island nation off the coast of Gabon? (Some hints.)

ASH WEDNESDAY marks the start of the season of Lent for many Christians, with some perspective on suffering—not a privilege but a curse.

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