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New administration preps pandemic response

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 1/15/21, 12:54 am

President-elect Joe Biden has said he wants the United States to administer 100 million COVID-19 shots in the first 100 days he is in office. He unveiled a $1.9 trillion legislative proposal to deal with the coronavirus on Thursday night.

What’s his plan? Biden will ask Congress to work on a new economic relief package, which includes unemployment aid, more funds for states, and $1,400 checks to bring individuals’ total stimulus relief since Christmas to $2,000. Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, who will soon become Senate Majority Leader, said the bill would top the chamber’s priorities this year. Meeting Biden’s vaccination goal will require upping the number of people getting shots each day. The president-elect plans to work closely with state and local governments to distribute doses more efficiently. The number of Americans getting immunized each day is approaching 1 million.

Dig deeper: Read John Dawson’s report in Beginnings about the U.K. variant of the virus, which has surfaced in several U.S. states.

Editor's note: WORLD has updated this report since its initial posting.

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Rachel Lynn Aldrich

Rachel is an assistant editor for WORLD Digital. She is a Patrick Henry College and World Journalism Institute graduate. Rachel resides with her husband in Wheaton, Ill.

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  • Nanamiro
    Posted: Thu, 01/14/2021 07:33 pm

    Do that many Americans want an experimental vaccine? That is a little scary. 

  • Laura W
    Posted: Sat, 01/16/2021 01:39 pm

    Right now, there are still a lot of people who want the vaccine who haven't been able to get it. In my state, they're just getting ready to allow older adults in the general population to start signing up for their shots. I was able to get my first shot recently because of my job in healthcare--if there were to be any unforeseen effects, I'd rather it be me than someone else, and I don't anticipate any major problems given the amount of testing that has already happened even in this short time.

    Posted: Fri, 01/15/2021 11:52 am

    Make every bill a standalone bill. Debate it on its merits.

  • OldMike
    Posted: Tue, 01/19/2021 12:51 am

    What? Ignore the time-honored tradition of attaching pork to every worthwhile bill that every sane person wants to see passed?  It would be a lot harder to buy votes if the particularly juicy pork bills were nakedly exposed for everyone to examine, instead of hidden in bills for Covid vaccine. 

    [edit: sarcasm alert added. ;-) ]


    Posted: Sun, 01/17/2021 04:25 pm

    Meanwhile, view the accomplishments of the previous administration, especially before the pandemic:

    Unprecedented Economic Boom
    Tax Relief for the Middle Class
    Massive Deregulation
    Fair and Reciprocal Trade
    American Energy Independence
    Investing in America’s Workers and Families
    Life-Saving Response to the China Virus
    Great Healthcare for Americans
    Remaking the Federal Judiciary
    Achieving a Secure Border
    Restoring American Leadership Abroad
    Colossal Rebuilding of the Military
    Serving and Protecting Our Veterans
    Making Communities Safer
    Cherishing Life and Religious Liberty
    Safeguarding the Environment
    Expanding Educational Opportunity
    Combatting the Opioid Crisis