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Minimum wage law stifles NYC jobs

by Hannah Harris
Posted 8/06/19, 11:36 am

New York City’s higher minimum wage is hurting some of those it was meant to help. Small businesses suffering from having to pay employees $15 an hour, which went into effect Dec. 31, are cutting work shifts and limiting overtime to compensate. Susannah Koteen, owner of Lido Restaurant in Harlem, told The Wall Street Journal, “You can only cut back so many people before the service starts to suffer.”

Haven’t we seen this before? Yes, in Emeryville, Calif., minimum wage soared to $16.30 an hour and the job market is shrinking. The smallest New York businesses (with fewer than 10 employees) pay a $13.50 an hour wage, but that will jump to $15 at the end of this year. The rest of the state plans to follow suit by raising the minimum wage every year until it reaches the $15 mark.

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Hannah Harris

Hannah is a WORLD reporter based in Asheville, N.C.

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  • OldMike
    Posted: Tue, 08/06/2019 06:14 pm

    The whole idea that the minimum wage must be raised is based on a fallacy, in my opinion. Minimum wage jobs should not be the stopping point for any adult with adult financial responsibilities.

    Adults should not have so few job skills that they have to work for minimum wage. We should all be learning something new, improving our skills, learning how to be more efficient, increasing our value, every day we work.  Those who don’t, or won’t, are limiting themselves.

    And as you improve your skills and increase your value, astute employers should see that and pay you more.  Employers who don’t are limiting themselves and their businesses, and in my opinion don’t deserve good employees. 

    So let’s say you are in one of those jobs that does not reward your increased value.  What do you do?  YOU LEAVE!  You take your record of a couple of good years of no discipline problems and good attendance and find a better job. You say you live where there are no better jobs?  Pack up and go where there are. 

    So who works minimum wage jobs?  Teens, who have no experience and are yet to develop work skills. Maybe homemakers or retired persons who do not have especially valued skills and only want to work a few hours a week. 

    For anyone else, if you’re stuck in a low wage job and want to know why, perhaps the first place you should look is in the mirror. You don’t have to be a victim.