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Man who filmed Arbery shooting arrested

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 5/22/20, 11:48 am

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Thursday arrested the man who videoed the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery and charged him with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment. William “Roddie” Bryan Jr.’s video, which he shot from his vehicle, stirred a national outcry when it leaked online on May 5. It showed two white men confronting and shooting Arbery, an African American, on Feb. 23 in a subdivision near Brunswick, Ga. Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael told police they confronted Arbery because he matched the description of a suspect in a local burglary. Arbery’s relatives said he was jogging when the suspects racially profiled, pursued, and killed him.

How is Bryan connected? The Glynn County police incident report said Gregory McMichael told an officer that Bryan tried to block Arbery with his vehicle when Arbery began to run back the way he came. Under Georgia law, a person who commits a felony that results in a death can face charges of felony murder, which carries an automatic life sentence even if there was no intent to kill. Bryan’s attorney has insisted he was only a witness to the shooting.

Dig deeper: Read Mickey McLean’s report in The Sift about the release of Bryan’s video and what it showed.

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Rachel Lynn Aldrich

Rachel is an assistant editor for WORLD Digital. She is a Patrick Henry College and World Journalism Institute graduate. Rachel resides with her husband in Wheaton, Ill.

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    Posted: Fri, 05/22/2020 08:49 pm

    I hope the court asks the defendants to share their "decision tree" algorithm of Yes/No questions which in turn led them to shoot an unarmed man. 

    Then have the DA office reveal their own algorithm which told them ultimately not to pursue charges all those months ago. Odds are had this video not been filmed none of us would have ever heard of this horrific appalling death. 

    If courts start prosecuting those who film crimes you can say good bye to witness video. 


  • Cyborg3's picture
    Posted: Sat, 05/23/2020 12:18 pm

    Something doesn't pass the smell test here. Why would the guy filming the event get charged with murder? Yes, he blocked his way but if he thought the guy was the thief then just possibly he thought he was helping stop the bad guy? Arbery did the foolish action of attacking the posse trying to make the arrest. If I was behind the gun, I would shoot him too no matter if he was white, black, brown or whatever**. This is a tragedy for everyone involved, especially given the politicization of it, and I sincerely doubt that true justice will be achieved.  Unfortunately, we live in a PC world where race is everything. 

    ** All the evidence needs to be looked at carefully but with what has been given so far I don't think the two men making the arrest are guilty if Arbery grabbed the shotgun first. 

  •  Deb O's picture
    Deb O
    Posted: Tue, 05/26/2020 12:00 am

    A black man out jogging is suddenly followed by two white men in a vehicle with a shotgun pointed at him. Unfortunately we live in a world where this scenario has been played out too many times and usually to the black man's detriment. If you were him, what would you think? If you were in front of the gun, what would you do?

  • RC
    Posted: Tue, 05/26/2020 10:49 am

    Two-man posse making an arrest? They were not a posse and never did make an arrest. They only shot and killed an innocent victim.  We don’t know what words passed between them, but I suspect that the McMichael’s made threating remarks which caused Arberty to lash out to protect himself.  It sure looks more like a two man team of vengeful white guys, acting like a lynch mob, out to gun down anybody they thought stole a gun from their unlocked vehicle. Hopefully, the court will discover enough of the truth to render justice. God, will if they don’t.   

  • OldMike
    Posted: Wed, 05/27/2020 12:08 am

    Considering how badly these things often end, for black men:  I think if I was black and confronted by armed white men--or police of any race--on the street, I would lie face down with my arms stretched over my head. And save my arguments for court later. 

    Not saying they shouldn't protest  they have done nothing wrong, but running or arguing, or especially fighting, just seems to intensify the emotions of the armed parties, whether civilian or law enforcement. 

    And one can say, "they shouldn't have to humiliate themselves," but dead is still dead, even if the person was in the right.