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Judge blocks Ohio heartbeat bill

by Kyle Ziemnick
Posted 7/04/19, 10:20 am

A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked an Ohio law protecting unborn babies with a detectable heartbeat. U.S. District Judge Michael Barrett ruled that abortion facilities would succeed in their lawsuit claiming the law is unconstitutional. “The law is well-settled that women possess a fundamental constitutional right of access to abortions,” he wrote.

The law, which Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, signed in April, would have effectively stopped abortions as early as six weeks into a woman’s pregnancy. A spokesman for the governor said DeWine believes the issue eventually will be settled by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ohio Right to Life, the state’s largest pro-life organization, said the order was an expected disappointment. “The heartbeat bill has the potential to be the vehicle that overturns Roe v. Wade,” the group’s president, Mike Gonidakis, said in a statement. “We know that this temporary restraining order is just a step in the process to finally seeing Roe reconsidered.”

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Kyle Ziemnick

Kyle is a WORLD Digital news reporter. He is a World Journalism Institute and Patrick Henry College graduate. Kyle resides in Purcellville, Va. Follow him on Twitter @kylezim25.

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  • Big Jim
    Posted: Fri, 07/05/2019 02:32 pm

    I applaud the states that are passing laws to restrict and/or eliminate abortion. But, in my opinion, there is no way the Supreme Court in its present makeup will overturn Roe.

  • GMR
    Posted: Fri, 07/05/2019 03:56 pm

    The irony of it: we provide parking spaces for 'handicapped' persons but murder those who "may be" hancicapped before they are born? 

  • OldMike
    Posted: Fri, 07/05/2019 08:28 pm

    So, exactly where is this “fundamental constitutional right of access to abortions” found? 

    The copies of the Constitution I can access must be defective.  Because I’ve looked.  And I can’t find anything about abortion.